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September 07 2017

Hurricane Harvey has caused widespread, catastrophic flooding and damage in Texas and along the Gulf Coast. Our goal is to have a direct positive impact through our giving campaign by helping a family severely affected by the hurricane in Houston. Please enter promo code "TexasLove" at check out to receive a 15% discount with 20% sale proceeds donated for this cause. To learn more about this beautiful family, please read this letter written by Hayley Martinez:

First of let me just start off by saying thank you. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop and help my family. As many people, basically everyone has known Houston was hit by a category 4 hurricane. Hurricane Harvey to be exact. What people don’t realize is this storm was simply too big to evacuate our city. So families such as mine had to make an executive decision. Do we stock up on supplies, protect our homes and our families and pray and ride the storm or do we leave everything and not know if it will be there when we come back from evacuation. We choose to stay.

Now let me introduce my family to yah’ll.

My name is Hayley Martinez. I grew up back and forth between Houston and Burlingame. (My dad and step mom reside in Burlingame.) I have 3 amazing, and unique children. Cayden, Cruzz, and Lilyana. Cruzz is my angel. He wasn’t supposed to make it due to several severe health conditions. (Microcephally, dwarfism, cerebal palsy) just to name a few. He is nonverbal and wheelchair bound, but he is the happiest child you will ever meet. Unfortunately our little angel has to go through double hip replacement in the next few months, shortly after his 4th birthday. Cayden is my first born, Cruzz’s protector as we call him. Lilyana is 2. Let’s just say she runs the show. Last, my husband Mario. The only other person beside myself I can trust with my son Cruzz.

Life through our eyes during the storm: Hurricane Harvey took its toll on us. For a week our home was an island. Everyday my husband and I would have to walk outside in water just to make sure we still had enough time to evacuate if we had to get out by boat. Car was not an option. We sat in a house with electricity constantly going on and off, candles lit, flashlights in every room. We did not sleep for 5 nights straight due to the constant supervision of the storm. We would take shifts during the day to catch up on the lack of sleep at night. We received a total of 10 tornado alerts in 1 night. I think we counted 45 different flash flood issued for our home during that week span. It was a scary thing to live through. The whole time you just wondered was I wrong to not evacuate my family.

The storm has passed but Houston is hurting. There are no funds in ATMS, due to this we have lost my son’s SSI fort the month which always covered our rent. In order to get cash you have to go to a store and purchase something just to withdraw cash. Mind you there is a shortage of gas. It is chaos at stores. Grocery stores cannot receive shipments so a lot of places have nothing for you to even buy. Houston right now feels almost like a third world country. My husband Mario works construction, he is basically out of work due to damage to his job. Schools are closed until further notice, such as my son Cayden’s. Our one family car and home did receive water in it, but I just keep reminding myself it could have been worse. I am just thankful my children, my dogs, my family are okay. It is going to take a while to rebuild everything. It’s hard. The place where I live, doesn’t look the same anymore. It’s sad.

 So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. When I found out yah’ll were doing this to help my family I literally broke into tears. To work so hard every day to make sure your family is okay and then have something catastrophic happen this and literally put your life on hold. It’s difficult. As a parent you just want nothing but the best for your children. To tell your child they cannot join the soccer league this fall due to all income having to go towards catching up from the storm and repairing all lost and damaged items is not something any parent should have to go through. So thank you. Thanks to yah’ll can tell Cayden maybe he can play soccer this fall and maybe we can provide for some of Cruzz’s medical bills which are never ending. Thank you for letting me know that there are genuine people out there who do care.

Much love,

Hayley Martinez



The Martinez family (Mario, Cruzz, Cayden, Lilyana and myself Hayley)

Meet Cruzz (our angel)

This is the view we had during the worst part of the storm from our second floor.

You see the vending machines floating, this is the local Fiesta where I do my weekly grocery shopping. They are closed until further notice due to still having water in the store.